Juejiang De Weiba
About Naughty Buddy

“Naughty Buddy” is a professional pet brand founded in 2019. Relying on Cheerwin Group's supply chain advantages and R&D resources,
it unites with Lion Chemical Co., Ltd., BASF and Firmenich to form a core R&D team, and is committed to providing consumers with one-stop solutions
for pet care. After being launched for 4 months, it ranked first in the Tmall pet perfume and deodorant category, and then successively won the Most
Promising New Pet Brand of the 2020 Tmall Beauty Awards and the 2021 JD Pet "Top Ten Emerging Brand Award". It was recognized by both Tmall and JD.
It was chosen by New Species as 2021 DTC Annual Case Study in Pet Care Products.


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