Brand Family
  • Super
    Super is a professional insecticide and mosquito
    repellent brand. Since its establishment, Super
    has been favored by consumers with its philos
    ophy of developing professional, safe, effective
    and green products, as well as the innovative
    products. In terms of retail sales, from 2015 to
    2023,Super has ranked first in insecticide and
    mosquito repellent market in China for nine
    consecutive years and has become a leading
    brand in the industry.
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  • Babeking
    Founded in 2010, Babeking is a professional
    brand of insecticide and mosquito repellent
    for children. With the brand proposition of
    "babies sleep tight, mommies stay at ease"
    and the product development philosophy
    of "natural and safe", it is committed to
    developing repellent products suitable
    for children and sensitive people. As soon
    as the product was launched, it was favored
    by mothers and quickly developed into a
    leading brand in the child repellent market.
    According to retail sales statistics, Babeking
    ranked first in the market share of insecticide
    and mosquito repellent for children in China
    from 2019 to 2023.According to Nielsen's
    survey results, Babeking had an absolute lead
    in market share, and one out of every two
    mothers would choose Babeking.
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  • Vewin
    Vewin is a professional brand for household
    cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Since
    its creation in 2011, it has been positioned to
    "stain and bacteria removal", and is committed
    to providing consumers with clean, safe and
    healthy living space. Vewin has various product
    categories, including kitchen cleaning, toilet
    cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, pipe
    dredging,floor cleaning, glass cleaning, space
    sterilization, air conditioning cleaning, among
    others. It's worth noting that the sterilization
    rate of the Vewin products is as high as 99.99%.
    In terms of retail sales, Vewin ranked second in
    Chinese household cleaning market from 2019 to 2022.
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  • Naughty Buddy
    “Naughty Buddy” is a professional pet brand
    founded in 2019. Relying on Cheerwin Group's
    supply chain advantages and R&D resources, it
    unites with Lion Chemical Co., Ltd., BASF and
    Firmenich to form a core R&D team, and is
    committed to providing consumers with one-stop
    solutions for pet care. After being launched for 4
    months, it ranked first in the Tmall pet perfume
    and deodorant category, and then successively
    won the Most Promising New Pet Brand of the
    2020 Tmall Beauty Awards and the 2021 JD Pet
    "Top Ten Emerging Brand Award". It was
    recognized by both Tmall and JD.It was chosen
    by New Species as 2021 DTC Annual Case Study
    in Pet Care Products.
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  • Naughty Mouth
    Naughty Mouth, as a mid-to-high-end pet food
    brand under Cheerwin Group, relying on
    Cheerwin Group's supply chain advantages
    and R&D resources, unifies Asia Pacific Pet
    Care (International) Research Center to form a
    professional R&D team, dedicated to the
    in-depth research on multiple fields such as pet
    health, microecological preparation, genetic
    sequence, medicine and health care. The
    "Naughty Mouth" product line covers pet staple
    foods, pet snacks, pet healthcare products and
    other categories, and also provides high-quality
    immersive pet nutrition diet solutions for pet
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  • Rikiso
    Rikiso is a professional personal care brand.
    Since its launch in 2019, Rikiso has been
    deeply engaged in personal cleansing and
    care products. It adheres to the product
    development philosophy of "natural, healthy,
    safe, and high-quality" and is committed to
    providing consumers with good-quality,
    value-for-money personal care products. It
    has won the trust and high praise from
    consumers. In terms of retail sales of florida
    water in China in 2019, Rikiso Florida Water
    ranked among the top three.
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  • Cyrin
    CYRIN, a professional brand of natural
    fragrances, employs natural botanical
    essences and toxin-free formula products
    to provide consumers with safe,healthy,
    natural and eco-friendly one-stop air care
    solutions. In terms of retail sales, Cyrin
    ranked the second in air care market
    from 2017 to 2023.
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